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Governor signs Cleaner Air Oregon
April 30, 2018: "Last week Gov. Kate Brown signed into law a bill that assesses a fee on industry to fund a program designed to reveal health risks posed by emissions from specific factories[...] "Now communities will know what they're being exposed to and what risks are posed," said state Rep. Karin Power (D-Milwaukie) during a speech asking lawmakers to pass the bill March 3."

Milwaukie library shortfall narrows to $1 million
March 6, 2018: "As a Milwaukie resident and library patron myself, I know how vital this project is to our community and surrounding neighborhoods," Power said. "I am grateful to my legislative colleagues who joined me in allocating resources for the Ledding Library, and it's an honor to help bring this next phase to fruition.""

People Priced to the Edge of Portland Now Face the Expensive Prospect of Highway Tolls
July 12, 2017: "Anything that raises the cost of getting around is very troubling to me. We need to change the approach of tenant protection in this state. I don't want us to end up like San Francisco, where people are traveling an hour or two to get to minimum-wage jobs."

Oregonians Need Reproductive Health Equity Now
June 29, 2017: "Health care, including reproductive care, is a basic human right. No one should be denied coverage or access to the full range of prenatal and postpartum care to ensure their own and their children’s health and safety."

Represented: Oregon's Housing Affordability Crisis
May 12, 2017: "Across the state, Oregonians who rent are struggling to find and keep their homes. This year, some state lawmakers are putting forward bills they hope could help to solve that problem. We hear from voices on all sides of the issue."

North Clackamas voters pick Mark Meek, Karin Power for Oregon House seats
November 9, 2016: "Milwaukie City Councilor Karin Power easily defeated Republican Tim McMenamin by earning 71 percent of the vote [...] Power, the HD41 representative-elect, said that she ran for the office, because many of the priorities of Milwaukie citizens, including safe walking and biking routes to schools and removing Kellogg Dam, could not be accomplished without the aid of the state."

WW’s Fall 2016 Endorsements: Oregon Legislature
October 12, 2016: "Power, 33, is a lawyer who graduated from Lewis & Clark Law School, moved to Milwaukie with her wife, and won election to the city council there. She is one of only a handful of city councilors under 40 in the Portland metro area (on the Portland City Council, none are under 50). Power told WW last year that serving at the local level in the suburbs was a good way for young people to make an impact. Now she aspires to go to Salem, with an aim to bring funding home to her district."

Milwaukie requires 90 days for no-cause evictions, as trend spreads to suburbs
April 23, 2016: "Milwaukie will require landlords to give tenants 90 days' notice for no-cause evictions, becoming the first Oregon suburb of Portland to do so in the wake of the region's skyrocketing rents. The Milwaukie City Council voted unanimously to approve the measure Tuesday."

Milwaukie Councilor Karin Power running for State Rep. Kathleen Taylor's seat
March 10, 2016: " The pieces are moving for elected state offices representing Oak Grove, Milwaukie and Southeast Portland. Current House District 41 Rep. Kathleen Taylor will be vacating the seat to run for retiring Sen. Diane Rosenbaum’s seat in Senate District 21. Milwaukie City Councilor Karin Power this week announced her candidacy for HD41; Power will be unopposed in the May 17 Democratic primary."

Milwaukie voters to decide library bond measure
February 22, 2016: " The Milwaukie City Council last week decided to ask voters whether to issue up to $9.2 million in general obligation bonds for library improvements."

Panel reviews regional water issues
January 11, 2016: : "Unlike California and other parts of the West, Portland has few problems with the quantity of water supplies. But panelists at a recent discussion agreed that the Portland region has other looming water issues in the form of aging pipes and vulnerability to earthquakes — and how to pay for the needed upgrades."

Hotseat: Karin Power
September 1, 2015:  "One of the region’s youngest elected officials welcomes MAX to Milwaukie."