Karin Power:
Progress That Works For All of Us 

Karin and Meg

As a nonprofit environmental attorney and Milwaukie City Councilor, Karin has been hard at work serving our community on a number of boards and committees. Today, she is running for House District 41 to be our community's next voice in Salem.

Between her job as a public interest attorney and her wife's work as a teacher, Karin knows firsthand how difficult it is to raise a family, navigate unexpected life obstacles, and save for college and other career training. Karin’s parents always taught her that if you studied hard in school, you'd be able to succeed in life. However, with the rising cost of tuition, continued difficult job market for teens and young professionals, and incredibly tight rental and housing markets, the chance at success and secure retirement is increasingly hard-fought for many of us.

Karin is running for House District 41 to protect and expand policies that level the playing field for Oregonians and give everyone a fair shot at getting ahead in life. Join us in working to elect her in 2016.

Karin’s tireless service to our community and advocacy for safe, complete streets, smart infrastructure solutions, and renovations to our library while working a full time job has been outstanding. Her work ethic will be an asset to us all in Salem.
— Mark Gamba, Mayor of Milwaukie